EFAX Software

Tired of missing GSA faxes because
- Fax Machine turned off
- Telephone connection fails
- No paper in fax
- Fax print quality low
- Can not find fax after it has printed out

We can collect your faxes Orders as EDI for you and you can view and print your
faxes to your printer or receive an email when you are ready.

There is a one time setup fee for $299
Then a $9.99 BASIC monthly service fee plus $.05 per transaction
- Email registration to Open Account to receive User ID and Password to access faxes
- Software Support Included
- Must have Internet access

- Note
- Faxes remain on Database for viewing/printing 4 days
- Currently offering 14 day free DEMO trial period of Online Access - click EFAX New Registration below
- to request ID and PASSWORD

EFAX New Registration

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