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Merchant Plan Product

The Merchant Plan Product will provide the following services:

- Supports Windows NT 4.0 and UNIX
- Supports UPS ground (USA) shipping rate charts
- Supports Cybercash credit card transactions (Cybercash module add-on required)
- Ability to store order information in a secure file (Secure module add-on required)
- Works with Website, Microsoft IIS, Apache, and NCSA web servers
- Supports Secure Certificates Transactions (SSL)
- Works with frames
- Ability to mail the order to two different email addresses
- Supports a percentage discount rate
- Ability to stay on same page when item is purchased
- Ability to order more than one item at a time
- Receipt sent to customer
- Header and footer files can be included in the receipt sent to customer
- Ability to accept and check credit card numbers
- Eight different types of shipping supported
- Three shipping algorithms supported
- Ability to add in sales tax.
- Ability to keep track of what the user has purchased from page to page

These are the services provided for $1,999 setup fee and $49 monthly service fee.
- Domain Registration: Create your Web Address($99)
- Customize WEB Design and Setup: Programming Included($499)
- Shopping Cart: Shopping Cart Programming($299)
- Supports Secure Transactions ($345)
- Database Site License($299)
- Disk Space: 100 meg($458)
- Product Catalog Setup: ($60 Hour) NOT included in setup price
- Merchant Account: ($69 Monthly) Real Time Processing NOT included in setup price
  - new feature called eCheck that gives you the power to accept checks online as payment for
  - your products and services
- Secure (SSL) Certificates: ($150 Setup and $10 Monthly) NOT included in setup price

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